Nancy was new to America. She came to America speaking only her native language. She brought her 8-year-old son with her. He was all she had in the world.

Nancy 第一次來美國, 她只會講她自己的母語,和她一起的是8歲的小孩.他是她的一切

They found an apartment in Arcadia. They were there for only two months when a neighbor's dog jumped over the fence. The dog ran toward Nancy's son. Nancy put her body in between the dog and her son. The dog stopped when it saw Nancy screaming at it. She was going to punch it in the nose. The dog turned around.

Nancy在Arcadia洲找到一間公寓, 他們只住在那兒二個月才搬走,一直到有一天鄰居的狍兒跳過柵欄進來.並且追著Nancy的小孩,Nacny 用她的身體擋在小孩和狗之間,一直到尖叫著狗才停住,Nancy 很想k這隻壞狗的鼻子,狗這才跑走

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